UX Design Case Study: Paradise Cove

Keep Calm and Spa On

Persona Creation
Journey Mapping
Marketing Designs

Project Goals/Challenges:

To help Paradise Cove Spa promote membership by offering more choices and customizable options to meet expectations of Spa-goers. With the considerable growth rate of the spa market, it is vital for spa professionals to understand spa-goers’ preferences. Here are three different types of spa-goers including: spa enthusiasts, high spenders, and value seekers/price-sensitive spa-goers. Spa enthusiasts being the largest segment among the three.


Conduct research and create personas. Everyone is a potential spa client these days-boomers, millennials, men and children. There’s so much research that substantiates the value of human touch and stress-reducing approaches. Since the spa client of 2018 is also more knowledgeable, Paradise Cove Spa will need to expand treatments by educating their clients through courses and classes, nutrition tips, fitness ideas, meditation, art, journaling, and many other ways to benefit their long-term wellness between treatments. They will also need to integrate wellness into treatments, food offerings, fitness studios and classes, and to invest in relaxation spaces. Adding guest speakers, events and dedicated retreats teaches clients how to bring wellness into their everyday lives. Paradise Cove Spa will also need to strive to serve more people by offering lower-cost packages and services and products.

Create Personas:

Created personas based on user questionnaire and survey research.

Journey Mapping:

Created Journey Mapping sketches based on research, personas, goals, information architecture, and content.


Created wireframes and interactive prototypes based on Journey Maps. Several Iterations were completed.


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Marketing Designs:

Created Brochures, Display ads, Social Media Graphics, and HTML emails to market the mission of Paradise Cove Spa..