Mobile technology is continuously evolving and mobile UX design is constantly adapting to these new demands and changes. Here are some of the mobile trends arising for 2018:

Minimal User Journey
The fastest and most direct interaction is key for measuring success for your design. The main goal is for your user to leave with a satisfied experience.

Prominent Content Easily Viewed
The importance of your design is not just to be aesthetic and attractive, but it is also important that the content needs to drive a lead or make a contact. The content needs to be concise and needs to influence user to make the interaction. Less is more.

Animation for Hidden Interactions
The mobile interface needs to optimize the screen space, so using animation can help user navigate and interact through hidden screens.

Color for Drawing Attention
Proper use of color can help indicate progress, status, and emphasis for your user to better understand any notifications or directions within their experience.

Expressing Emotions
Users are used to feeling and expressing their emotions with their online experience.
Integrating emotion based responses and interactions may appeal to your users.

Video, Video, Video!
Video immerses your user through visuals and audio messaging, which inherently, is easier for your audiences to remember.

Voice-Based Interactions
Having the ability to dictate actions through voice creates for a convenient way to interact, versus the otherwise graphical user interface.

Location Based Personalization
The key is relevance. By personalizing your mobile outreach based on location, you can reach the members of your audience in a particular place or region with relevant information.

Quick Payments
This trend is to make payment fast and seamless with little to no effort to making a financial transaction. But of course, designers will need to keep in mind making sure users are making informed and intended choices, and verified properly.

Inclusive Design for Accessibility and Impairments
It is very important to design and create a fully accessible and inclusive online experience for users with visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive disabilities.

Stay tuned as I continue to follow more UX Design trends as they arise on the horizon!

Suki Soltysik