UX Design Case Study: Native Jewelers Society

Creating a Community

Persona Creation
Journey Mapping
Marketing Designs

Project Goals/Challenges:

The mission of Native Jewelers Society (NJS) is to allow metalsmiths to share experiences and to encourage artistic, innovative creations;. NJS artists are committed to maintaining the integrity of high quality work, while preserving the indigenous cultures, and to improving educational opportunities for fellow metalsmiths and buyers. Buying authentic and handmade Native jewelry can be a rewarding experience.


Native Jewelers Society will offer insights, advice and tips to help you become an expert buyer and will foster relationships with native artists. This community will also provide Native jewelers the opportunity to share their artwork directly with buyers. Also, by conducting workshops, NJS artists will help to educate their clients and people about authenticity.

Create Personas:

Created personas based on user questionnaire and survey research.

Journey Mapping:

Created Journey Mapping sketches based on research, personas, goals, information architecture, and content.


Created Balsamiq wireframes and interactive prototypes based on Journey Maps. Several iterations were completed.

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Designed and Developed this  NJS Website using HTML and CSS. See full Website Portfolio

Marketing Designs:

Created Brochures, Display ads, Social Media Graphics, and HTML emails to market the mission of NJS.