Persona Creation

Why are customer personas so important? Creating customer personas can provide tremendous value and insight to your organization and project goals. Personas help to establish a deeper understanding of customer needs and how to solve for them. They also help product development teams by creating features that help them achieve their desired outcomes, and to help prioritize initiatives.

Paradise Cove
Native Jewelers Society
Best Tutor 4 U

Project Goals/Challenges:

To help Paradise Cove Spa promote membership by offering more choices and customizable options to meet expectations of Spa-goers. With the considerable growth rate of the spa market, it is vital for spa professionals to understand spa-goers’ preferences. Here are three different types of spa-goers including: spa enthusiasts, high spenders, and value seekers/price-sensitive spa-goers. Spa enthusiasts being the largest segment among the three.


Conduct research and create personas. Everyone is a potential spa client these days-boomers, millennials, men and children. There’s so much research that substantiates the value of human touch and stress-reducing approaches. Since the spa client of 2018 is also more knowledgeable, Paradise Cove Spa will need to expand treatments by educating their clients through courses and classes, nutrition tips, fitness ideas, meditation, art, journaling, and many other ways to benefit their long-term wellness between treatments. They will also need to integrate wellness into treatments, food offerings, fitness studios and classes, and to invest in relaxation spaces. Adding guest speakers, events and dedicated retreats teaches clients how to bring wellness into their everyday lives. Paradise Cove Spa will also need to strive to serve more people by offering lower-cost packages and services and products.


Spa Enthusiast

Spa clients getting increasingly younger as spas reinvent themselves to allow these new generations to experience their world. Stress and beauty are driving visits across generations. They’re focused on lifestyle, new careers, and looking good! We’re seeing huge growth with millennials as their buying power increases. See Detailed Persona


High Spender

She’s fit, she loves yoga, she shops at Whole Foods. This spa-goer favors holistic mind-body rituals. They’re focused on lifestyle, disease prevention, and subtle procedures that result in a lasting, youthful appearance. See Detailed Persona


Value Seeker/ Price-sensitive Spa-goer

She is a philanthropist who wants to look and feel good, for their personal wellness but also for the wellness of the world around them. This spa-goer seeks businesses that support social and other causes, so spas and brands must show the direct impact of their charitable efforts. Unlike in the past, when spa services were reserved for upper- middle-class women of leisure, this more frugal spa client is more cautious with her spending. She’s is also an eco-conscious recycler. See Detailed Persona

Project Goals/Challenges:

The mission of Native Jewelers Society (NJS) is to allow metalsmiths to share experiences and to encourage artistic, innovative creations;. NJS artists are committed to maintaining the integrity of high quality work, while preserving the indigenous cultures, and to improving educational opportunities for fellow metalsmiths and buyers. Buying authentic and handmade Native jewelry can be a rewarding experience.


Native Jewelers Society will offer insights, advice and tips to help you become an expert buyer and will foster relationships with native artists. This community will also provide Native jewelers the opportunity to share their artwork directly with buyers. Also, by conducting workshops, NJS artists will help to educate their clients and people about authenticity.


Native Jeweler

Phil is a talented jeweler who is growing his business and recognition. He takes pride in sustaining his Navajo culture by continuing the tradition of silversmithing taught to him by his father. It is Phil’s hope to travel the world selling his art. He feels it is important to educate collectors and people about authenticity and the importance of buying native art. See Detailed Persona


Collector of Native Art

John is an Interior Designer located in Phoenix, AZ. He specializes in Southwestern style and decor, and relies on the talents of Native artists to offer authenticity to his clients, He is also supporting Native artists who are making a living with their art, John loves to wear his Native jewelry collections as a way to express his appreciation to support Native culture. See Detailed Persona


Workshop Seeker

Cheryl is a Director of Education at a Native Art Museum. She is excited to bring in new workshops to help educate museum- goers about techniques and authenticity of Native jewelry. She is also passionate about teaching people that it isimportant to recognize what is authentic versus fake, when buying Native jewelry. See Detailed Persona

Project Goals/Challenges:

To help Best Tutor 4U reach tutoring students in the outer Boston areas. The goal is to make a positive difference in the academic achievements of your children through patient instruction, content-rich sessions, encouragement, and continuing assessment.


Conduct research and create a website that offers academic support and enrichment in: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Foreign Languages. To emphasize that Best Tutor 4U tutors are experienced, knowledgeable, effective, and known for their ability to relate to young people.



Mackenzie is aspiring to go to college, but she is stuck not learning in one of her classes. Her parents are so supportive of her and are trying to help her learn. but like most kids, she wants to do it on my own– and not feel like her parents are hovering over her or doing my homework. Most importantly, she is frustrated and doesn’t want to disappoint her parents by not performing well. See Detailed Persona



Seth loves working with students very much. He has a passion to assist and motivate with his positive attitude. He finds, from his own experience, that people learn things differently and at different paces, so if they struggle with a subject, it’s usually because their learning style conflicts with the style or pace with which it is being taught. Seth is a strong advocate of seeking tutoring for help learning. See Detailed Persona


Catherine is a stay-at-home parent, but her main language is french, so she is not able to successfully tutor her children with their homework. She believes that if she could help,
her child probably wouldn’t need tutoring in the first place. She is very supportive of hiring a tutor to try to improve her child’s performance and grades. See Detailed Persona